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Crypto tax tracker

How to Keep Track of Crypto Taxes The best crypto tax software platforms discussed in this article provide useful, comprehensive methods to record and track your crypto trades as a trader and for tax purposes. Any of the platforms discussed here will work well for you. For example, in its user-friendly dashboard, Koinly offers subscribers the ability to view their total holdings, portfolio growth, tax liabilities, ROI, invested fiat, mining, staking, lending, profit and loss, capital gains and other crucial tracking metrics.

Reporting Crypto on Taxes if You Lose Money Like stock market trades, profits and losses from crypto trades in a year are aggregated and combined with other income earned that year. The basis is the amount you paid for the asset plus expenses related to that sale like gas fees or other fees and costs.

If you entered your Social Security number in any brokerage, exchange, wallet, account or other entity in which you bought, sold, staked or traded crypto, NFTs or other DeFi instruments, the IRS can track your activity. Part of the appeal of DeFi is the potential for profits to go untracked and hence untaxed, Studio style — but the IRS has turned to platforms like Chainanalysis to up its game in tracking crypto enthusiasts trying to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

You can legally avoid taxes in a tax year by using tax-minimizing strategies like tax-loss harvesting , aiming for long-term gains over short-term and bundling deductions. If your partnership, LLC or corporation needs to report crypto transactions on a tax return, you would need to file by the due dates for those tax forms to avoid penalties. Generally speaking, airdrops are considered ordinary income for tax purposes in the US and in most other countries.

This means that you need to report and pay taxes if you have received a cryptocurrency airdrop. Do I need to pay taxes on staking rewards? In most cases, staking rewards are considered income from a tax perspective. You should report the fair market value at the time of receipt of the cryptocurrency received in your tax return.

How can I calculate taxes on NFTs? The first step is to import all your NFT transactions to a crypto tax calculator such as Coinpanda which will then calculate your gains and losses. How can I generate and file my crypto tax report? Coinpanda is a cryptocurrency tax calculator built to simplify and automate the process of calculating your taxes and filing your tax reports.

You can export all the required forms in under 20 minutes using our platform. Can I avoid paying taxes on my crypto? Avoiding taxes is both very difficult and usually not legal.

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Cointracker Cointracker is a San Francisco based crypto tax software company that is mainly focussed on English-language markets. The support of different Exchange APIs in CoinTracker is still somewhat limited, which makes importing transactions a bit of a hassle, because CSV files containing transactions need to be formatted in a very specific way. The user interface of CoinTracker is generally well designed, albeit sometimes a bit over-engineered.

For instance, there are only four items in the top navigation bar, with some drop downs only showing two items. CoinTracker comes with most of the important features that you would expect in a crypto portfolio tracker and tax software. Professional users will miss support for futures and derivates trading, however. Users that are based in countries with special tax rules, such as tax exemption after a one year holding period, are better served with Accointing and Cointracking.

One of the biggest downsides of Cointracker is its steep price point. CoinTracking Founded in , Cointracking is probably one of the longest standing crypto portfolio trackers and tax apps there is. Based in Munich, Germany, the company nowadays has a very international footprint, supporting almost all accounting methods and tax regulations you can think of.

CoinTracking has also a wide language support, including all major languages and even smaller markets such as Polish or Catalan. Transactions can be imported via one of more than 70 exchange and wallet integrations via API , via wallet addresses and via CSV. CoinTracking does not only support an abundance of countries and exchanges, but also offers the most advanced reporting capabilities. Yet, this is where the drawbacks start. Sometimes, it's a bit hard to understand what the different reports are all about, how to create a valid report for your country, and what the charts actually mean.

Additionally, the helpdesk is often not very actoinable and only provides rather generic advice. It feels a bit as if a tax lawyer wrote the FAQs. Luckily, the support team is very responsive, which means that you can expect a reply to your question within one or two business hours.

As a result, CoinTracking has a comparably steep learning curve to fully understand. Even then, the user interface is still too complicated, and some actions like making changes to transactions will require much more time than with competing crypto tax tools. Cointracking would easily be our preferred choice, if they were to solve these issues.

Until then, it's a great tool for power users who really want to invest time and get the most out of their crypto portfolio tracker, but probably not the best option for less tech-savvy and inexperienced cryptocurrency investors. Koinly Founded in , Koinly is a rather small and unknown player in the market for crypto portfolio trackers and tax tools. But what makes Koinly truly stand out is its massive API support, be it for importing transactions from exchanges and wallets, or for exporting tax reports to more than five different tax apps like TurboTax.

One of the biggest downsides of Koinly is the lack of a mobile app. Additionally, it lacks some more advanced reports like tax loss harvesting and tax-privileged coins. Koinly is also one of the more expensive crypto tax softwares in our review.

On the plus side, you only need to pay the annual fee with Koinly when creating tax reports. So, if you're only interested in tracking your investments, Koinly will be free-of-charge for you. Final Verdict Crypto tax software is no one-size-fits-it-all. Image via CoinTracking The platform aggregates all of the transactions made through the connected accounts, showing exactly what was sent or received, and the exact trades made over the course of the year. Tax Declaration- over countries supported for filing capital gains, income, mining, business operations tax and more.

Tax Advice- Team of tax advisors to help with tax queries and perform tax reviews. The platform also shows the historical coin prices at the time the trades were made and has over 11 years of data on more than 20, altcoins. CoinTracking has positioned itself to be suitable for individual hodlers, traders, institutions, and companies.

Like the other mentions on this list, users can enjoy limited functions for free, or choose one of the paid plans as you can see here: Image via CoinTracking One of the requirements for any platform to make it in this article is that they have to have positive reviews and a good reputation, and CoinTracking is no exception.

It also claims to be an all-in-one solution that covers everything crypto and tax-related, helping from Bitcoin to DeFi and NFTs. One of the most powerful features is the portfolio management tool that comes with Accointing. Users can drill down to view the state of their portfolio within a specific timeframe, historical and current performance. Related to this is the Holding Period Assistant dashboard, which will look at when you added cryptocurrencies to your portfolio and then make tax-strategy recommendations such as tax-loss harvesting based on your holdings and holding period.

So much power with the click of a mouse. Image via Accointing When it comes to crypto taxes, Accointing has you covered. It will even generate reports based on different cost accounting methods, allowing customers to choose the best for their situation easily.

It also allows users to mark off transactions as airdrop, hard fork, gift, or payment to ensure they are being taxed appropriately. All of this is made possible by the import function of Accointing. The data import software included in the Accointing package makes it super easy to upload everything from wallets and exchanges via CSV or API integration.

Users with less than 25 transactions per year get full access to the platform for no cost, not a watered-down version like some other mentions on the list. Both features will save you time and quite possibly a good bit of money. BitcoinTaxes BitcoinTaxes is another popular crypto tax solution. Launched in , it is a web-based solution that offers users a group of excellent tools for tracking annual tax obligations. It includes the ability to generate detailed tax reports, including all the transactions carried out throughout the year.

These reports include transaction data from many popular exchanges such as Coinbase Pro , Bittrex , Gemini, Binance and others. The platform also supports importing any mined cryptocurrencies that may have been received throughout the year.

Image via BitcoinTaxes The platform will generate your capital gains for the year, which can then be input into the tax software of your choice or can be printed out to share with your tax accountant, or attached to your tax return. Bitcoin Taxes has two different pricing methods, one for average crypto users, and one for high-frequency traders: Image via BitcoinTax The free version here is great as it provides full platform functionality for up to 20 transactions, and the platform is available to users anywhere in the world.

In addition, full-service tax preparations are available to those in the USA and Canada. Bitcoin Taxes has less platform support than the other mentions on this list, only supporting 21 exchanges. However, any other exchange or platform users need to include data from can be imported manually with a CSV file or added manually into the interface. Those who use TurboTax may want to consider using ZenLedger for their digital assets as it seamlessly integrates with the platform.

Image via Zenledger ZenLedger is another mention on this list that has received pretty significant funding through a couple of funding events. It is also interesting to note that ZenLedger is the partner of choice for the IRS, so you know they must be as compliant as they come. This includes capital gains, donations, closing statements, profit and loss statements, and income from cryptocurrencies. That means they can all be submitted directly or used in conjunction with other tax reporting solutions.

As a result, ZenLedger works perfectly for all levels of crypto enthusiasts. Top Crypto Tax Tools: Conclusion Calculating crypto taxes can be a delightful, stress-free, and fun way to spend a weekend — Said nobody, ever.

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TOP 5 BEST Crypto Tax Tools For 2022!! 💯

10/19/ · 10) ZenLedger. ZenLedger is a crypto tax software that supports integration with more than exchanges, including 30 Defi Protocols. With more than 15K customers, this . Download your tax documents. Whether you are filing yourself, using a tax software like TurboTax or working with an accountant. Koinly can generate the right crypto tax reports for . 9/17/ · CoinTracker is a hybrid crypto asset tracker and tax reporting software. Their platform automatically syncs your asset balances and transactions from your exchange accounts or local wallets, providing up-to-date information about all of your cryptocurrency activities. Their interface displays a visualization of all of the digital assets you own.