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Mathiatis nicosia betting

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The starting gates spring open and the hooves kick up the sand. We jump off our seats and cheer our favourites. But such a race makes you realise that you must not count your chickens before they are hatched. Because the race will only be decided in the final stretch. Ltd Leof. Ltd Themistokli Dervi 27, P. Katelari, P. Petersburg Bookings only on line at www. Larnaca International Airport, Ticketing desk no Airports The Republic of Cyprus is the sole sovereign authority under International Law with exclusive jurisdiction to determine which of its airports on its territory are open and functioning.

Entry via any other airport is illegal. The operation of airports built in the areas of Cyprus which are under Turkish military occupation since , has never been authorised by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. These airports are, consequently, illegal points of entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus maintains the right to impose penalties on those who 23 violate the law by using illegal airports. The penalties are very strict and provide for imprisonment for no more than twelve months, or payment of a fine for no more than 1. It should also be stressed that according to ICAO decision of , and , a country not exercising temporarily effective control over its territory by reason of military occupation, does not lose its sovereign rights over such territory and the airspace above it.

At this airport the entry, clearance, immigration, customs, quarantine regulations, aviation security and conditions for passengers, mail and cargo, as required by the Republic of Cyprus are not observed. Hence, the security and safety of passengers and cargo is not guaranteed. Pancyprian Telephone Number: 77 77 88 33 Live Agents available from hrs dailly. Hotel Reservations can also be arranged. For assistance please call 24 81 64 Box , Lefkosia Tel: 22 86 58 88, 22 86 58 64, Fax: 22 30 31 48 E-mail: antiquitiesdept da.

The Department of Antiquities publishes pamphlets, reports and other publication on Cyprus Archaeology that can be purchased from the Cyprus Archaeological Museum in Lefkosia, as well as from the District Archaeological Museums.

The results of this research are published and can be purchased either from the offices of the Cyprus Reseach Centre or from major bookshops. The Association of Cypriot Archaeologists P. Box , Lefkosia E-mail: acarchaeologists gmail.

The Association issues scientific periodicals on Archaeology. CAARI also offers economic accommodation to scholars and students of archaeology and related disciplines. It also organises several international colloquia per year. The Unit is also responsible for archaeological fieldwork carried out by the University of Cyprus and it has its own library specialised in Archaeology which is open for study Mon-Friday Leventis Gladstonos 40, P.

Box , Lefkosia Tel: 22 66 77 06, 22 67 40 18, Fax: 22 67 50 02 E-mail: leventcy zenon. Its multiple activities include charity and philanthropic activities in Cyprus, but its main targets are the development of Hellenic education and the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage in Cyprus. It supports the restoration of churches, the creation of museums, the organization of international conferences and other cultural activities, the publication of books, the exhibition of works of art.

It also supports in a variety of ways the preservation of the environment. Box , Lefkosia Tel: 22 12 81 57, Fax: 22 66 28 98 E-mail: info cultural. In the courtyard of the building, at the open air theatre musical and theatrical performances are staged. Pierides Foundation Z. Kitieos 4, P. Box , Larnaka Tel: 24 65 13 45, Fax: 24 65 72 27 E-mail: centrart spidernet.

It covers a wide spectrum of different fields from archaeology to contemporary art by organising prestigeous exhibitions, international symposia, conferences, lectures and publications. The Cyprus Archaeological Museum in Lefkosia remains also open from hrs. Visitors are advised to check with the site as changes may occur.

Opening and closing times of Museums and Archaeological sites, as well as entrance fees, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting. The Department of Antiquities can issue for a specific person special entry cards for a period of one day for A6,80, for a period of three days for A17,00 and for a period of seven days for A25, Agios Ioannis St. Kyprianou Tel: 22 30 58 78, Fax: 22 30 58 82 www.

Entrance free. Varnava , Lefkosia Tel: 22 79 74 00, Fax: 22 43 25 31 Website: www. Makarios III Ave. Leventis Art Gallery 5, A. Leventis ex Leonidou street Lefkosia P. Box Tel : www. Saturday: — Tel: 22 62 39 50, Fax: 22 62 41 76 Open Monday to Saturday: 8. Machairas Monastery 41 km south of Lefkosia through Deftera and Pera villages. Tel: 22 35 93 34, Fax: 22 35 93 33 www. Call in advance. Fax: www. Water Museum Fr.

Roosevelt Avenue 66, P. Amathous Archaeological Site 11 km 7 miles east of Lemesos centre Tel www. Cyprus Wine Museum 42 Pafos Str. Pastelli Museums Anogyra village. Oleastro - The House of Olive Anogyra village. Tel: 99 52 50 93, 99 56 57 68 www. Prior arrangement, the museum can accept group visits on other days and times. To arrange a visit please contact the Community Board Tel: 25 , Pylavakion Museum Pottery Foini village. Tel: 25 42 15 08 Entrance fee: A2,00 For a visit please contact: 25 47 10 08 38 Fassoula - Agricultural Museum Fassoula village.

Tel: 25 45 22 40 Entrance free. Agios Mamas Church Louvaras village, 26km from Lemesos. Printmaking Museum Hambis Platanisteia village. Tel: 25 22 27 72 www. Kition, Archaeological Site Approx. Note: Partly accessible to wheelchairs 2. Note: Wheelchair accessible 3. Choirokoitia - Neolithic Settlement 32 km from Larnaka town, 48 km south of Lefkosia by the Lefkosia-Lemesos motorway, tel: 24 32 27 10 www.

Stavrovouni Monastery 9 km off the Lefkosia-Lemesos road, 40 km from Larnaka. Tel: 22 53 36 30 September-March: and April-August: and Note: Women are not allowed to visit Stavrovouni Monastery. Men may visit the monastery, dressed properly. For group visits call in advance. Tel: 24 34 23 26 www. Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou 2 Arch. Papandreou Tel: 24 62 10 48 Nov. PAFOS 1. Byzantine Museum Adjoined to the Bishopric, near Ag.

Pafos Mosaics Pafos, Tel: 26 30 62 17 www. Tombs of the Kings Pafos, Tel: 26 30 62 17 www. Chrysorrogiatissa monastery 40 km northeast of Pafos, Tel: 26 72 24 57 The Icons and Utensil Treasury is located within the premises of Chrysorogiatissa monastery. May-August: and Sotira-Ecclesiastical Museum Sotira village Tel: 23 82 39 32 For a visit please contact the village priest Entrance free.

Kykkos Monastery Tel: 22 94 24 35, www. For a visit please contact Mr. Athos, Mr. Polivios or Father Kyriakos www. Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Church 5 km from Kakopetria village. Tel: 22 92 25 83, www. Note: Wheelchair accessible 5. Kakopetria Old Village Tel: , kakopetria. Panagia tou Moutoulla Church 48 Moutoullas village.

Tel: 22 95 23 45 Father Miltiades www. Note: Wheelchair accessible 9. Stavros tou Agiasmati Church Platanistassa village. Please contact Mr. Aristofanis at the coffee shop to arrange a visit. Tel: 99 51 41 79 or the Community Board 22 65 20 Timios Stavros Church Pelendri village, 32km from Lemesos.

For visit please contact Mrs Anastasia Papachristodoulou, Tel: 25 55 23 69 49 Daily: www. Panagia Katholiki Church Pelendri village, 32km from Lemesos. For a visit please contact Mrs Panagiota Socratous, Tel: 25 55 22 68, 99 99 49 Timios Stavros Church and Museum Kyperounda village.

For a visit please contact Father Ioannis Tel: 25 53 22 53 or the Community Board Tel: 25 81 32 04 or 25 81 32 02 from 9. Trooditissa Monastery The monastery is a retreat for prayer; therefore it is closed for visits.

Only the church of the Monastery is open 9. Learn about the history, the civilisation, the people Try them on your mobile phone or mp3 player and experience the rich culture and heritage of Cyprus through a different perspective. List of audio guides available to download: Lefkosia area: 1. The Cyprus Museum 2. Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries 3. Kourion Archaeological site 2. Kolossi Medieval Castle Larnaka area: 2.

Halan Sultan Tekkesi Mosque 3. Choirokoitia Archaeological Site Pafos area: 1. Kato Pafos Archaeological Park 2. Medieval Fort of Pafos 3. Tombs of the Kings 4. Sanctuary of Aphrodite and Palaipafos Museum - Kouklia village 5.

Agia Napa Monastery Troodos 1. Kykkos Monastery 2. The church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Kakopetria village 3. The church of Stavros tou Ayiasmati Platanistasa village 5. The church of Panagia tou Araka - Lagoudera village 6. The church of Panagia Podithou-Galata village 7. The church of Ayios Ioannis Lampadistis Kalopanayiotis village 8. Panagia Asinou church-Nikitari village 9.

The church of Archangel Michael-Pedoulas village Both international and local brands of baby food, napkins, disposable diapers, baby cosmetics, anti—rash creams etc. There is big variety of baby toiletries and foodstuff and these can be found in Pharmacies chemists and in supermarkets. Banking Commercial banks in Cyprus offer a wide range of banking services, in euro as well as in foreign currencies, and have correspondents in most major cities around the world. Commercial banking is fully compliant with EU banking law.

Commercial banks are supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. Christmas Eve is a working day for banks. Banks at Larnaka International Airport provide exchange bureaux services from till daily. Automated Teller Machines ATMs can be found at most of bank branches in all towns and in main tourist resorts. Hotels, large shops and restaurants normally accept credit cards. Rates of exchange are published daily in the local press and are broadcast through the media.

Most publications can be obtained both in Cyprus and abroad from various bookshops. Box , Lefkosia Tel: , Fax: E-mail: s. With a wealth of beaches to choose from, you are bound to find one that suits your taste. From quiet backwaters of the western peninsula, to the lively resorts in the east, the island has something for everyone.

Most of Cyprus beaches are awarded the Blue Flag, an exclusive eco-label awarded to beaches with high water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Being a symbol of environmental quality, it serves as an incentive for local authorities and the private sector to take measures for the overall improvement of the coastal areas in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria.

For further information, please contact: Cyprus Tourism Organisation P. From Agia Napa to Paralimni and Protaras area. From Polis Latsi along the Akamas coast. For further information visitors are requested to contact the Sightseeing Tour Operators, pages Below is a general guide to office, shopping and banking hours. Operating days are from Monday to Friday starting between - and closing between - Opening hours also vary depending on whether they are located in urban, tourist or rural areas.

Note: Since 12 July , shops are allowed to stay open on Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday on a trial basis. It is worth noting that in most of the tourist areas of Cyprus, both shops and supermarkets stay open till late at night and are also open on Sundays. Many of these churches can be reached by public transport. Others, however, are accessible only by private car or private taxi, as they stand away from main roads and inhabited areas.

Because of the eminent importance of the icons and frescoes, most churches and monasteries are kept locked. Some of the monasteries have visiting hours which have to be respected by visitors. See Archaelogical sites, Museums and other places of interest pages

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Mathiatis The mines of Mathiati are part of the World Cultural Heritage Mathiatis is located in the Nicosia province and it is 22km from the capital. It is a semi-mountainous village bordering the communities of Agia Varvara , Lythrodontas , Sia , Delikipos and Analiontas. Photo: mathiatis. The discovery of the head of Bacchus 2nd - 1st century BC , which is exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus and it is the emblem of the State Theatre, the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus, was discovered in the area of Mathiatis.

Photo: Maria Kiriakou In , when Cyprus was sold to the English by the Ottoman Turks and the English officially assumed the administration of the island, Mathiatis was their first unit of command and residence. In the area where the English lived, the inhabitants called it "English houses".

The only monument that has been preserved since the time is the English cemetery at the entrance of the village. The population of Mathiatis: Before , the village had a mixed population, with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot residents. After the disturbances, the Turkish Cypriots were forced to leave the village in the community, remaining Greek Cypriots. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in , the population of the village increased, with many refugee families settling there.

Nowadays there is a significant increase in the population, namely, since the last census in , when the village numbered inhabitants, today it has inhabitants. Photo: Maria Kiriakou The name of the village: There are four versions of how the village got its name.

According to the first version it is reported that the inhabitants of the village of Mathiatis, in the past years, cultivated many vineyards, produced wine, drank it and "methousan" meaning: got drunk. From this fact and the word verb, the village was called Mathiatis. A second version points out that once in Mathiati a drought fell on the village. Farmers were then forced to "madoun" meaning: take apart or clean out or take off with their hands.

From the "madoun" came the village name Mathos and later it was called "Mathiatis". According to a third version, the village name was taken by a lord who lived there and was called "Mathious". Finally, a fourth version tells us that the first inhabitants who came to the village came from the village of Amathkies of Tillyrias. The area was originally named Amathikiotis and then Mathiatis. Photo: Maria Kiriakou The occupations of the inhabitants of Mathiatis: Most residents of Mathiatis work as private and public servants in the village, Nicosia and Larnaka.

C ,that is on display in the Archaeological Museum in Cyprus. When Cyprus was sold to the British by the Ottoman Turks in , the British took over the island and chose to live outside the town in order to stop any hostilities. Appreciating the natural environment, the geographical position and the mild weather of the community, Mathiatis was the first administration unit and their accommodation area. The only monument which has been saved from that period, is the British cemetery that is located in the entrance of the village Agia Varvara — Mathiati Road.

Before the village has a mixed population with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot residents. Due to the internal crisis, the fighting and disturbances that occurred during December , the Turkish Cypriots were forced to leave the village and seek refuge at other neighbouring villages. Since then only Greek Cypriots stayed in the village. After the war of and the consequences which occurred, many refugee families settled in Mathiatis. Name There are four versions for the community name: The first version mentions that the residents cultivated many vineyards during the older years.

The residents drank a lot of wine and got drunk. The Greek word for drunk is metho , and that is where the name Mathiatis comes from. A second version states that there was once a period of drought in the village and the crops were too small.

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Mathiátis in Nicosia with it's habitants is a city located in Cyprus about 15 mi (or 24 km) south of Nicosia, the country's capital town. Current time in Mathiátis is now AM . Lütfen Aşağıdakı Tarayıcılardan Birini Kullanınız. Nicosia Betting. Lütfen Aşağıdakı Tarayıcılardan Birini Kullanınız. AdEnjoy low prices on earth's biggest selection of books, electronics, home, apparel & more. Browse & discover thousands of brands. Read customer reviews & find best sellers.