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Merlehan betting

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Jul 04,  · There’s nothing more certain to ruin your chances of success than poor staking.”. Daniel O’Sullivan. “Whether to bet early or late is a great conundrum. For me, it depends on how much of an overlay it is and whether I think the market will find that horse.“. Trevor Lawson. “Around 3% of my bank is the maximum I’ll have on any one bet. This is the full interview Alex conducted with TopSport CEO, Tristan Merlehan, to discuss a number of sports betting topics such as profiling customers, using sharp sports bettors information, educating his traders, answering your Twitter questions and much more! Here is our behind the scenes video. Sep 28,  · Shane van Gisbergen and Garth Tander, who won the Bathurst in , are the $ favourites to give the Holden a glorious send-off. However, they face fierce competition from the Davison brothers and the Cameron Waters-James Moffat duo, giving Ford a strong chance of spoiling the party. Topsport is the official betting partner of this.