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Birdman and 50 cent super bowl betting

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Kaepernick would be out of the league soon after. The NFL denied reports that it was attempting to stop Eminem from making the gesture. It was a rare Super Bowl halftime show performed in the daylight, but it still had a feeling of a nightclub at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, with a set made up to look like the houses of nearby Compton and South LA. Blige was decked out in silver sparkles and surrounded by backup dancers as she sang a medley of her hits. She delivered a soaring, emotive version of the anthem with a minimum of frills that was largely acapella at first before a small choir and piano joined her.

She was still faster than the average Super Bowl anthem of around two minutes. Guyton did not appear to drop or flub a word, another propositional bet that was offered. He's taking advantage of all of the attention by promoting his new line of G-Unit streetwear. He shared a link on his Twitter account on Friday, Feb. In fact, he clearly was unbothered by all the chatter because in addition to promoting his merchandise, the day after the Super Bowl, which was Valentine's Day, he enjoyed a nice hearty meal in New York City with his girlfriend.

The couple dressed in red for the occassion and even had fans come up to them to rave about his performance the evening before. A post shared by 50 Cent 50cent The highly anticipated Halftime Show, sponsored by Pepsi, featured a lineup of some of hip hop's biggest icons. It made history as the first full hip hop lineup. Dre anchored the show, and featured performances by Snoop Dogg, 50, Mary J.

Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.