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Explain over and under in betting point spread betting nfl money

Explain over and under in betting

In baseball , a player's or team's total number of home runs , RBIs , etc. Association football[ edit ] Goal related markets in association football betting are gaining popularity amongst more and more bettors. While match odds or 1X2 betting is still by far the most prominent football betting market, goal betting is second only to this market. The overs unders 2. Overs unders betting markets start at 0. The match will finish with over or under 2. The only market would be over or under 2 goals, missing out 2 goals score line results.

Goal lines allow punters access to the traditional overs unders markets, whilst also offering punters whole goal lines and quarter ball lines, similar to those used in asian handicap goal betting. The object of the game is to predict whether the dice will roll to a total of under 7, over 7, or at 7. The game is typically played with 2 dice.

A player typically places a wager on one of three spaces. These spaces are: Under 7 usually pays 1—1 Over 7 usually pays 1—1 7 usually pays 4—1 For instance, if one bets one dollar on under and the dealer rolls under, they gain a dollar as well as get their dollar back. In this case, the payout odds for both the Over O and the Under U is the same: This is why the house wants equal action on both sides of the line when the odds are the same.

Sometimes, however, the line will be set a whole number. If the totals line was 8, for example, the outcome of the game can match the line precisely. If that happens all totals bets are a push and everyone gets their money back. The more you study and take into consideration, the more informed your decisions will be. You want to reduce emotion and maximize logic.

Use our top Totals betting strategy tips to give yourself an edge on your next wagers: Analyze both teams independently first. Are they offensive or defensive? Do they have power hitters that guarantee more runs or a pitcher that makes it impossible for their opponents to score?

Consider where they are playing. Are they at home or on the road? Is the environment much different than they are used to? Will weather play a factor? If so, how? Look for hard statistical data to use as evidence, the more recent the better. An example of this are teams that have earned a reputation for high scoring. It may actually be the case that they put up a lot of points in a few big games but actually score an average amount when you look at all their games as a whole.

You also want to take your research to deeper levels in order to think about outcomes from the perspective of the professional oddsmakers. This is just good practice and will make you a better bettor in the long term. For example, in a hockey game, instead of just seeing how often the two teams score, consider how many shots on goal they generate on the road or at home. Do they generate most of the shots at 5v5 or on the powerplay?

If you spot an edge here, compare it to how many penalty minutes the other team takes on average per game. Is there something circumstantial about the game at hand that would factor into play, coaching, or strategy? Are there playoff implications for the teams? Go as deep as your creativity and critical thinking can take you. Follow these tips to get your studies started: Start with the weather and the stadium first. Each building is different and so are the elements.

A dry sunny day might see fly balls carry farther which leads to more scoring. As well, certain pitchers get a larger majority of their outs from pop flies. On a given day that could mean trouble. From a defensive perspective, you might find Under bet opportunities when both teams have really strong starting pitchers, a deep bullpen, or a particularly powerful infield. Conversely, if both rosters are stacked with power hitters it might make betting the Over more appealing.

Does the manager of one team like the hit-and-run? Does he tell his guys to take risks and attempt to steal a lot bases? All of the small factors add up to be really important so it is imperative that you gather all the information possible and use it to make an informed decision. Make sure you check out our daily MLB best bets to get expert baseball picks for free. Find out if your state has legalized sports betting on MLB before you go forward with betting.

You need to think about how a team likes to run their offense as well as the opponents likely defensive tactics. Here are some of the key factors we look for when betting NFL football totals: A team that relies heavily on their passing game could face difficulties in a cold, wet, windy day. Consider as well how a team is likely to choose their play-calling depending on if they are winning or losing.

Are they likely to be trailing and in need of some quick scoring or are they more likely to have a lead late in the game and want to kill the clock by running the ball on most plays? Next, go on to consider an exaggerated outcome in one direction and ask yourself how much that would impact the quarter by quarter scoring.

With these three scenarios in mind, what outcomes do you foresee? Write down those answers and then go back to your original research regarding teams, locations, and weather. You might find yourself hooting and hollering in glee or ripping your hair out in a fit of rage.

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