crypto obfuscator xamarin
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Crypto obfuscator xamarin

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Net Frameworks: All from. Net Framework 1. Net Framework 4. Net VB. Net Compact Framework: 1. Silverlight: 2. XNA Framework: 2. Net Micro Framework: 3. Focus On Quality And Customer Requirements Apart from our own research and development, the product is also shaped by customer feedback and requirements. Our product is used in real world settings requiring industrial strength quality and rock solid performance. By the way: A rule of thumb is: Define every class, interface, delegate or enum as "internal", not as "public".

By default, types that have to be visible outside the assembly public types will not be obfuscated. Internal types will be obfuscated by default. The only class I marked as "public" is "MainActivity". After some hours of research, I found the reason for the error. Keyboard ConfigChanges.

KeyboardHidden ConfigChanges. Orientation ConfigChanges. ScreenSize ] "Label" and "MainLauncher" turned out not to be the problem. To fix it, I fully removed the [Activity This way, the obfuscation worked without problems. You may wonder why the Activity attribute caused a problem.

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Jun 20,  · User posted Hi, I have to obfuscate an Android/WP8 app that was written with After a quick search, I have found the following possible tools: Crypto . This will obfuscate when you do build for your project. Figure Crypto Obfuscator user interface We will use DotPeek from JetBrains to decompile the assembly for Windows Phone . Oct 19,  · I tried to use CryptoObfuscator to obfuscate my Android app, but it doesn't generate all the pdb files. My solution has 11 projects, 7 of them should be .