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The dollar cost averaging people talk about, it works really well. Hanyecz is known as the first person to use bitcoin in a commercial transaction. Fleischman drops by with his daily valium shot. You can buy a pizza with Bitcoin. So, swings and roundabouts, EH? On May 22,when bitcoin was a little over a year old, he bought two pizzas for 10, BTC. Startup founders do this calculus whenever they raise capital.

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1070 ti ethereum silent

This is rather impressive, considering that the card features three fans, not one. The base clock of the Ti is MHz higher too, though the rated boost clock remains the same at MHz. All of this is cool, though by having same memory bandwidth, both cards hash the same no matter the difference in the amount of CUDA cores. It is also worth mentioning that legitreviews found a bug that makes the GTX Ti hash lower than expected.

When gaming, the memory can be clocked up to MHz without any issue. Now, when mining, the clocks of some of the memory banks go down to about MHz. At best, the Ti will become an okay mining card. The team consists of Ms. If, Mr. Def and Mr.

All team members conceal their identities, except for Ms. If — her real name is Kristy-Leigh Minehan. The team solely focuses on proof-of-work mining algorithms. How ProgPoW Works? ProgPoW means that each inner loop of memory access, that is, one iteration of problem-solving process, is a randomly generated program based on the block number.

The program is designed for efficient operation of commodity GPUs and uses a greater portion of the GPU functionality. ProgPoW regularly changes the statement of problem in mining. ProgPoW uses almost all components of graphics cards to their full extent. The exception is graphics pipelines and floating-point operations. The creators had to leave them out in order to make the algorithm compatible with equipment made by different manufacturers.

Both companies like the idea, because protection from ASICs makes graphics cards more relevant. And relevance means sales — right now AMD and Nvidia are not doing very well in this area. Thanks to them, the algorithm relies on computing power, bandwidth capacity and memory amount. The size of the keccak is reduced from bit keccak-f to bit keccak-f The latter is optimized for bit platforms, which is great for graphics cards architecture.

Larger mix state. That is the larger number of processor registers that can store intermediate values. They are much faster than random access memory because they are inside the processor itself. ASICs have small chips and a smaller number of registers compared with graphics coprocessors. Addition of a random computing sequence to the main loop.

This feature makes it impossible to create an ASIC with a fixed-function pipeline that could have increased operation speed or decreased power consumption. Support of small-sized random cache reads with minimum delay. This also limits their capacity and performance. An increase of DRAM from bytes to bytes. This is good for GPUs. ProgPoW Hashrate We tested the algorithm in real life on six graphics cards from two manufacturers.

As a result, the ASIC advantage decreases by as much as 2. GPU rig owners would not have to worry about their future and potential centralization of cryptocurrency projects. ETH Core developers first raised the issue on January 4th. All in all, the majority of leading programmers are in favor of the idea but want more time for testing and implementation.

Criticism by the Community Opponents of the ProgPow think that the integration of the algorithm would mean the following: blind pursuit of Nvidia and AMD interests; diversion from Proof of Stake launch; potential Ethereum hardfork and network division. What is more important is that after ProgPoW activation, ASIC manufacturers would still secretly develop new technology and use it for cryptocurrency mining.

You could use progminer unofficial binary or build from the sources latest version of ethminer from Andrea Lanfranchi download unofficial binary. Pool dashboard are available here. Ethminer ProgPow bat file settings: Progminer. The major mining pool Ethermine was the first to start the voting process.

There are no pools by now which is against ProgPoW.

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That extra thickness is best exemplified by the picture above. Notice how it is fundamentally thicker than the FTW2 variant? Though the card takes up what is known as 2. Comparing the Ultra Silent to the FTW2 side by side shows that EVGA has used what appears to be the same baseplate but has increased the height of the heatsink fins to enable better cooling and, presumably, lower noise operation. The same four heatpipes - two thick, two thin - attach the dual heatsink together and then jut out at the front.

FTW2-like in many respects, SC Gaming in others, and unique in its use of a thicker heatsink and triple-slot form factor, this card is built for quietness above all else. In common with others from the EVGA stable, getting around the Nvidia reference-speed lock can be achieved by loading up Precision X OC software and using automated one-click overclocking. Unfortunately, this is software level, not BIOS level, which means it will need to be activated on each boot cycle.

Seems like sound logic to us. Since the performance of all third-party GeForce GTX Ti cards is similar, given fixed clock rates mandated by Nvidia, actual benchmark results depend on the GPU Boost frequencies each vendor can sustain. As you might imagine, then, cooling and chip quality play the most important roles. That's why we're putting our emphasis on the actual implementation of each model.

To that end, a lot of equipment goes into thoroughly documenting a graphics card's behaviors. At this point, it's not possible to reach a meaningful conclusion by comparing the performance of one card over another. The differences are too small. Therefore, we're not going to label manufacturers in our benchmarks, particularly since one of those two variables chip quality cannot be held constant, even between retail samples off the shelf. It was initially even approved by Nvidia.

As a result, around 25, cards shipped out from the factory with matching labels the following two labels show the difference between our first sample and the model that eventually hit retail. If you were lucky enough to receive one of the first cards, you're probably seeing much higher frequencies than everyone else with a Ti.

Image 1 of 2 However, since Nvidia banned this first edition of the card and refused to allow the overclocked BIOS' use, we're honoring Gigabyte's request to only use the updated version of its card for our review. Gigabyte's bundle is limited to a software DVD and manual. Exterior The fan shroud is made of anthracite-colored matte plastic with eye-catching orange highlights. A weight of just g makes this one of the lighter cards we've reviewed, and that helps simplify installation in compact cases.